For Homeowners Selling Their Homes:

Things Aaron does to best market your home:

  • Recommend individualized improvements prior to listing the home to get maximum return with minimum investment (examples: nicely landscaped yard, clean windows, fresh coat of paint, replacing dated hardware and light fixtures, removing clutter.)
  • Professional Staging is very important. A nicely dressed (furnished & accessorized) home shows off best to buyers and allows them more easily to imagine themselves living in the environment.
  • Expert Marketing. Great photography, video, and drone shots will entice buyers, whether these are seen online, in e-marketing or on print collateral.
  • Online exposure. Aaron expands the audience for his sellers’ homes through listing syndication to major real estate websites, as well as social media advertising and his own online presence.
  • Open houses get your home seen by more buyers. In a competitive market, an open house helps facilitate 20-30 groups of people seeing the home at once, without each buyer’s agent having to key in and out, which eliminates chaos. The open house hosts also help point out related useful listing information.

Aaron’s Value for Sellers

The value of hiring Aaron Zeng is his ability to help sellers prepare their home, provide great marketing, great social media exposure and Coldwell Banker Bain’s vast network of agents – all potentially looking for your home.

Preparation for listing

Aaron excels at preparing clients’ homes to show to their best advantage. He will advise on cosmetic improvements such as new countertops, fresh paint, or a landscaping job to increase curb appeal. Or more extensive upgrades such as a kitchen or bath remodel.

Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint and de-cluttering can make a world of difference. Aaron knows what buyers are looking for in a home, and regardless of budget, his expertise will ensure that your home shows well and sells high.


High-quality marketing reflects the quality of the listing.

Professional staging, photography, videography, (sometimes aerial) are all crucial to showcase a well-prepared home.  Aaron will often bring live orchids, accessories, small furniture pieces, room fragrance, and exterior planters to enhance the experience of buyers’ tours.

High quality glossy flyers help elevate a buyer’s experience and provide a tangible piece for buyers to remember.

Neighborhood information including schools, parks, supermarkets, and improvements done on the house will be summarized and provided. It is crucial to have all the neighborhood information at the listing as the buyers’ agents may not be familiar with the area.

If there’s a CC&R or Home Owners’ Association, and/or Seller Procured Inspection Report, he would prepare a copy at the listing, and copies provided upon request by email.

Aaron also provides three other types of market reviews and updates to hand out. Buyers often walk away with 2-5 pieces of marketing material, which gives them everything they need to make an informed decision they are comfortable with.

Bellevue Way Office Support

Bellevue Coldwell Banker Bain provides the best marketing for flyers and market materials in high quality paper for sellers. The standards are unparalleled.

Weekly tours are organized for all new branch listings. With about 200 brokers at the branch, and we get a lot of exposure just within our own office.

Open Houses

Having open houses helps expose your home to more buyers. There are plenty of buyers who begin their search without agent representation. Without an open house, these buyers would not have access to your home.

Facebook Advertising

For each listing, in addition to the MLS listing exposure, Aaron runs an ad on Facebook to reach a wide audience for buyers.

Aaron is professional and hands on in his approach in guiding sellers through the steps to get their homes ready to sell.

Real estate is a constantly changing industry. Aaron is innovative with his approach to better serve his sellers.

Coldwell Banker Bain


  1. Agency Alternatives – We will review the agency alternatives and representations that are available to you and the potential buyers-Seller Agency, Buyer Agency and Disclosed Dual Agency.
  1. Marketing Action Plan – We will prepare a custom Marketing Action Plan for your property. This may include an open house to be conducted when appropriate and as agreed in advanced with you.
  1. Competitive Market Analysis – We will provide you with a current Competitive Market Analysis, and will assist you in determining the most effective list price for your property.
  1. Financing Alternatives – We will discuss with you various financing terms to be offered to buyers of your property.
  1. Estimated Proceeds – We will furnish you with an estimated of the proceeds you can expect from the sale of your property.
  1. Home Enhancement – We will develop a plan-if requested-to enhance your property’s ability to attract buyers.
  1. Promotion to Other Brokers – We will promote your property to other professional brokers and sales associates in the area.
  1. Multiple Listing Service – We will submit your property listing to appear in the Northwest Multiple Listing Services.
  1. Property Information – We will make information on your property available to local and out of town buyer prospects. Additional copies will be available for sales associates and prospective buyers at your property.
  1. Promotion – We will review with you our advertising program designed to generate buyer prospects for your property. This includes submitting your property listing to appear on top local and national real estate websites.
  1. Coldwell Banker Bain Sign – We will place-with your permission and as local rules permit-a Coldwell Banker Bain For Sale sign on your property, to help generate calls from prospective buyers.
  1. Seller Disclosure – We will present your written disclosure regarding the condition of your property to buyers (NWMLS Form 17). You will keep me informed of any changes in the property and keep the information current on the disclosure form.
  1. Bain Services Group – We will provide you with complete access to the mortgage, title, escrow, and home warranty services you need.
  1. Marketing Activity – We will provide you with an update on market activity to keep you informed periodically of competitive market conditions, buyer activity, and the actions we have taken to market your property.
  1. Home Finding Process – We will discuss with you the home finding process that buyers are most likely to follow, including financial qualification, property selection, financing options, and closing procedures.
  1. Qualifying Buyers – We will seek financial qualifying information on all buyers submitting a purchase offer. Our goal will be to have the buyer pre-approved through a reputable lender.
  1. Purchase Offers – We will review all purchase offers as they are presented, and we will work on your behalf to negotiate a purchase agreement with terms that are acceptable to you.
  1. Closing the Sale – We will monitor and inform you of the progress of the transaction, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions.
  1. Relocation Assistance – We will provide you-if requested-with details about our relocation and referral services which are available to you at no cost, regardless of where you are moving.

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