From its early days as a small logging community, Redmond has evolved into a thriving center of business and community life. Home to nationally and internationally recognized companies including Microsoft, Nintendo, Genie Industries, AT&T and SpaceX. Redmond’s healthy economic base attracts workers from all around Greater Seattle.

Housing options here are diverse and new construction is common. Schools are in the Lake Washington School District, featuring strong academics and athletics. Located on the north end of Lake Sammamish, many of the city’s ten neighborhoods, like the Viewpoint neighborhood, sit on forested hills with lake and mountain views.

Other neighborhoods include Overlake, where Microsoft is located, and Willows/Rose Hill, home to DigiPen Institute of Technology. These high-tech centers are the site of increasing commercial and residential development. Downtown neighborhood projects, planned and underway, bring a vibrant mix of business, residential and open space. Also downtown, Redmond Town Center offers shopping, dining, entertainment and lodging, and hosts the popular Redmond Saturday Market from May through October.

Redmond has dozens of parks and an extensive trail system for hiking, biking, horseback riding and even skating. Cultural attractions include the VALA Art Center and also the SecondStory Repertory Theatre at Redmond Town Center.