Aaron Zeng 鄭群

Aaron works with buyers looking for homes, condos and investment properties both in Seattle and on the Eastside. Metro Seattle has seen tremendous real estate growth in the past few years. With tech companies growing and foreign investors pouring into the region, home values continue to rise. 如果您是想要購屋的買家(包括西雅圖市區及華盛頓湖東岸地區的房屋、公寓或是投資物件),歡迎您與 Aaron Zeng 鄭群接洽。過去幾年西雅圖都會區的房價有非常大的漲幅,而隨著科技產業的成長以及國外投資客大量投入這個地區,可以預見其房屋的價格更是會節節高升。

For Buyers: 提供給買家的服務:

Each buyer is unique. Everyone is at a different stage in their life and their criteria for the perfect home is unique. Aaron works diligently to customize the home search process for each client. He has helped clients purchase homes throughout the Seattle area, from luxury homes in West Bellevue to starter condos in Seattle to suburban homes in Kirkland. 每位買家都是獨一無二的。不同的買家,處在他們生命中的不同階段,因而對於心目中「完美房屋」的評鑑標準也是獨特的。Aaron辛勤致力於為他的每位客戶量身打造個人化的「尋屋程序」,並已為這些客戶找到了適合的房子:位於西 Bellevue 的豪宅、西雅圖的小戶公寓,或是 Kirkland 郊區的房屋。 Because the process can be daunting, Aaron prepares his buyers for the changing dynamics of each market. 這整個尋找房屋的過程或許會讓剛接觸的客戶感到猶豫遲疑,然則,Aaron 已為他的客戶準備好應對頻繁變動的市場現況。 Certain neighborhoods and price points in Metro Seattle can make for an extremely competitive home buying environment. Aaron works hard to educate each buyer, giving them tips and proven strategies that have worked with previous clients. 在西雅圖都會區的某些特定地區及價格帶可說是相當競爭的購買市場。但是請放心, Aaron 將盡力協助他的每一位買家,提供各種秘訣和先前客戶已經証明過實效的非常好用的購屋策略。

For Sellers: 提供給賣家的服務:

Things Aaron does to best market your home: Aaron能讓您的房子賣相絕佳: Aaron provides information on the value that certain improvements can bring to the listing. He recommends individualized improvements prior to listing the home to get maximum return with minimum investment (examples: nicely landscaped yard, clean windows, fresh coat of paint, replacing dated hardware and light fixtures, removing clutter). 要怎麼讓您的物件看起來更具市場價值呢?Aaron 有他的萬靈秘訣。在您開始將物件放上市場銷售之前,Aaron 會針對每一個物件提出量身訂做的改進建議,以最小的投資獲得最大的回報。舉例來說:修整美觀的庭院景觀、乾淨的窗戶、上新的漆、替換過時的硬體及燈具、將雜亂的物品收拾乾淨。 Aaron understands how important Professional Staging is in making your home stand out from its competition. A nicely dressed (furnished & accessorized) home shows off best to buyers and allows them more easily to imagine themselves living in the environment. Aaron 瞭解專業級的宅妝(Home Staging)有多麼重要,能夠讓您的物件在眾多的競爭者中脫穎而出。經由 Aaron 的妙手為您的房屋妝點新姿之後,該物件能在買家面前以最佳姿態亮相,並且讓有意購入的買家更能描繪出他們自己身在其中的未來想像圖。

Expert Marketing:

Aaron provides great photography, video, and drone shots that will entice buyers. Whether seen online, in e-marketing or on print collateral, these visual assets transcend normal real estate marketing to spotlight your home above the rest of the market.


Aaron 會為您的物件提供美輪美奐的照片、影片(包括空中無人機所拍攝的影照片),藉以打動買家的心。不論是用在網站、線上銷售或是實體(印刷)的廣告單上,這些素材都足以讓您的物件從幾十上百件普通的待售房屋之一,瞬間轉變成鶴立雞群的焦點,在眾多其他競品中顯得與眾不同。

Online exposure.

Aaron expands the audience for his sellers’ homes through listing syndication to major real estate websites, including those reaching international investors and corporate transferees. He also exposes his listings through social media advertising and his own online presence.


透過在許多主要房地產銷售網頁聯合同步上架銷售的方式,Aaron 能夠一舉擴大您手上待售物件的曝光度,吸引到國際投資客以及跨國/跨州/跨區域的調職者。不只如此,這些物件也會透過 Aaron 自己的線上展示渠道及社群網站,獲到更廣的觸及範圍。

Open Houses: 

Get your home seen by more buyers. In a competitive market, an open house helps facilitate 20-30 groups of people seeing the home at once, without each buyer’s agent having to key in and out, which eliminates chaos. When holding your home open, Aaron directly points out its many assets and strengths to buyers.

開放看屋(Open House)

則是能讓您的物件被更多買家看見的方法。在競爭的市場環境中,一次開放看屋就能讓 20-30 組的客戶參觀到您的物件,不需要讓那些買家的房仲分開一次次拿鑰匙進出房子,徒增混亂。Aaron 會在開放看屋的現場直接向買家們展示此物件的優點與優勢所在。

Aaron also has working relationships with builders and investors:

Aaron 和建商及投資客的關係良好:

Aaron helps facilitate vacant land deals to builders, as well as sales of tear-down lots. In certain cases, partnership can be established between land owners and builders where they split profit at the end, with pre-agreed terms. If you have vacant land or a potential tear down lot, please contact Aaron to discuss how you might take advantage of his builder relationships.

Aaron協助空地地主和建商打交道,包括拆除後的地皮售賣。透過事先談妥的協議,空地地主和建商之間可以在程序最後的拆分利潤中,建立伙伴關係。如果您有閒置的空地或是未來有可能拆除的地,十分歡迎您聯絡 Aaron,商討如何利用 Aaron 與建商間的關係為您帶來利潤。


About Aaron: 關於 Aaron:

Aaron Zeng has lived in the Seattle area since 1997. He grew up in Taiwan and speaks Mandarin Chinese. Aaron enjoys interior design and trying out different restaurants in Seattle. He currently lives in Seattle’s Central District with his husband.

鄭群Aaron Zeng 於1997年搬到西雅圖來居住,他成長於台灣,會說流利的國語(普通話)及台語/閩南語。室內設計、吃遍西雅圖當地不同風味的美食是他的興趣。

目前與夫婿 Mark居住在西雅圖的 Central District。

For Aaron, real estate has always been a passion, long before his career in it. One of the things he enjoys most about being a broker is the ability to help people in different stages of their lives. Whether they need to buy or sell a starter home or a place to raise a family or a retirement property, every one of Aaron’s clients has a unique story to tell. It’s his pleasure to support his clients through their different life chapters.

早在開始他的房地產經紀工作之前,Aaron 就已經對房地產有著強烈的興趣。而成為一位房地產經紀人對他來說最享受的事情,就是在客戶不同的人生階段中給予協助:他/她的第一棟房子、他/她養育孩子的房子,一直到他/她退休的房子。每一棟房子、每一位客戶都是一個獨特的故事。Aaron 很開心能在客戶不同的人生篇章中,為他們支援、為他們加油喝采。

Aaron appreciates the ethnic and socio-economic diversity that Seattle has to offer. With its natural beauty and mild weather, and its strong jobs base from tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, the area attracts huge numbers of domestic and international immigrants, making local real estate a sound investment.

西雅圖所擁有的不同種族文化與社會/經濟的多元性,總是讓 Aaron 非常欣賞。除此之外,西雅圖的自然之美、溫和的氣候,加上很多知名的科技公司如 Amazon、Google、Microsoft 與 Facebook 所帶來的強烈職缺需求,吸引了國內外大量的住民與移民來到此地,一切都使得本地的房地產市場供需相當穩定。

Why Aaron:選擇 Aaron 的理由:

Aaron is meticulous and thorough with his approach to helping his clients. He always delivers prompt responses and conducts his research in a timely fashion. He prides himself on keeping his buyers and sellers well-informed, explaining each step needed to aid their home search or listing process. He considers his real estate knowledge and counsel the most important assets he brings to his clients.

細心、體貼是 Aaron 在協助客戶時所展現出的特質。他的回覆總是快速即時,並以同樣的高效率處理事情。Aaron 以讓買家與賣家能充分掌握所有狀況、周到地為客戶解釋尋找房屋或銷售物件的每一必要步驟而感到自豪。對於 Aaron 來說,他能帶給客戶最重要的事物,就是他在房地產專業上的知識與提供的諮詢意見。

Aaron decided to join Coldwell Banker Bain Bellevue because of their national presence and reputation and their focus on the luxury segment. The company offers the industry’s best broker education, allowing Aaron to stay ahead of the market in negotiation strategies, technology and marketing. Co-workers and staff members at CBBain Bellevue are very supportive and helpful. Real estate is an industry that’s constantly changing so being surrounded by smart people who never stop learning is key to Aaron’s success. It also keeps things interesting and fun for him!

而 Aaron 加入 Coldwell Banker Bain Bellevue 的理由,乃因此公司在美國國內的高知名度與良好聲譽,及其特別致力於豪宅銷售的領域。此公司提供房地產業界最佳的經紀人養成與教育系統,讓 Aaron 總是能在協商談判策略、最新的銷售方法與技術,以及市場營銷等方面,持續保持在業界先端。Coldwell Banker Bain Bellevue 公司中的同事和工作人員給予 Aaron 全面的支援和協助。房地產業界一直不斷在變動,因此身邊總是圍繞著許多聰明的、時刻不停止吸收新知的人,是 Aaron 在業界成功的不二法門。這也讓 Aaron 的工作變得更有趣、更有意思!

From first time buyers to luxury home sellers, Aaron thoughtfully and intelligently guides clients in all price categories and demographics.

不論客戶是第一次買房子的賣家,或是想要銷售手上豪宅物件的賣家,不論想要的或手上的物件價格是落在哪個範圍與分類,Aaron 都能以無比的細心與智慧為客戶竭誠服務。