Beaux Arts Village

Beaux Arts Village was originally established by the Society of Beaux Arts as a colony where artists could live and work in common, but this vision of a communal art center was never fully realized.

Today Beaux Arts Village(known as “The Village” to locals) is King County’s second smallest city. Located just south of Bellevue along the shores of Lake Washington, this community retains a relaxed, informal feel, yet values privacy. Towering evergreens, some with resident eagles’ nests, enhance the secluded beauty of the area. There is no commercial base, rentals are scarce, and houses of various architectural styles and vintages add to the charm. With only 124 housing units, the city is considered completely developed. Existing houses come on the market infrequently.

Property owners belong to and pay a yearly fee to the Western Academy of Beaux Arts, a nonprofit that owns and maintains the private beach, boat dock and tennis courts. A summer beach potluck, a catered winter dinner and a Christmas cookie exchange are annual local events.